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The Goose Goes South (2018)
IMDB: 6.0
August 30, 2018
110 min
Drama, Music
South Korea
Jae Ho Baek, Hee Seop Lee
Haruna Hori , Dae Han Ji , Snow , Yeong Sik Song , Nagiko Tsuji
The Goose Goes South: When his boss Dae-Jung goes missing, the company sends young Woo-zoo to Osaka to finish Dae-Jung's work. On the last day before returning
home, Woo-zoo comes across someone looking like his missing boss and chases him all the way to a small bar, Pier 34. Listening to music there, Woo-zoo falls asleep and
misses his flight back to Korea. When he wakes up he decides to quit his job and stay at the bar till he finds Dae-Jung. He soon meets a young girl and, since he plays the
guitar, helps her prepare to perform. He remembers the joy of music and a dream long forgotten.
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The Goose Goes South (2018)