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Lost Boys: The Thirst (2010)
IMDB: 5.2
October 12, 2010
81 min
Action Adventure Thriller Comedy Horror
South Africa USA Germany
Dario Piana
Corey Feldman Tanit Phoenix Copley Jamison Newlander Casey B. Dolan
Lost Boys: The Thirst: In San Cazador, California, the clumsy vampire hunter Edgar Frog is evicted from his trailer. But the best-seller writer Gwen Lieber offers him a job to
destroy the head vampire DJ X that promotes worldwide raves to increase his army of undead. Gwen tells that her brother Peter disappeared in Ibiza two years ago in an X-
Party promoted by the alpha-vampire. Now DJ X is coming to San Cazador to promote a sacrifice during a party in the blood moon on the next Friday, and Edgar discovers that
the rave will take place in a slaughterhouse on an island. Gwen hires also the Hollywood participant of reality show Lars von Goetz that comes with the cameraman Claus.
Lost Boys: The Thirst (2010)
Lost Boys: The Thirst (2010) HD Full Movie Watch Online Free